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May 21, 2015

Drivers Can Waive Road Test by Completing Training Course

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has seen a significant increase in the number of motorcycle permit holders who participate in motorcycle safety courses.

DMV Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan today announced that in 2014, 70 percent of motorcycle permit holders in New York State elected to take motorcycle safety courses, up from 51 percent in 2010. The road test waiver program has also resulted in a reduction of more than 70,000 road tests that would have been conducted by the DMV over the past five years. This significant customer service benefit has decreased the number of trips a customer has to make to the DMV in order to obtain a motorcycle license.

Completion of these intensive safety courses, which are offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation under an agreement with the DMV, enable motorcycle permit holders to waive the basic road test required by the DMV for licensure.

"May is not only Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month, it also marks the beginning of motorcycle riding season here in New York State," Egan said. "With more motorcycle riders are on the road, we strongly encourage participation in motorcycle safety classes because the more hands-on training a rider can have, the safer he or she will be when operating a motorcycle."

Ben Zadrozny, Program Manager for the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program, said, "We do much more than teach our students how to operate a motorcycle. There are many lifesaving skills - both on the mental and physical aspects of riding - that we teach our students to keep them safe on the road every day."

"Through our courses, students learn about the practical applications that go into real life situations, such as what to do at an intersection, how to swerve using proper technique when safe effective braking is no longer an option," Zadrony said. "We train our students how to be conspicuous on the road with both lane position as well as wearing the proper protective high visibility gear, especially a helmet that meets DOT specifications."

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, increasing licensing compliance also reduces crash related injuries and/or deaths among motorcyclists. There are between 36,000 and 44,000 permit riders in a given year in New York State, which allows them to ride on the road under the guidance of a licensed motorcycle operator.

The Basic RiderCourse, which is available across New York State, provides permit holders with both a motorcycle and helmet for training. Successful completion of this two-day course allows riders to waive the DMV road test. To apply, see the following link:

A new one-day intensive course premiered in 2015 called the Basic RiderCourse2-License Waiver. This course allows permit riders to use their own motorcycle when a student has been riding on a motorcycle learner permit for at least a year and possess basic riding skills. Successful completion of this course also results in a road test waiver. To apply, see the following link:

Source of skills testing for new motorcycle license issued 2010-2014:

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For more information about motorcycle safety across New York State, please visit


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