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Motorcycles, Mopeds & ATVs
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These excerpts are provided for information only and NOT as the basis for legal or judicial determinations.  ALWAYS verify them against the most recent available copy of the law.  The entire Vehicle and Traffic Law, sorted by section number, is available from the New York State Legislative Bill Drafting Commission. external link


(These sections of the V&T Law are at the New York State Legislative Bill Drafting Commission.)

Article 34-A Operation of Motorcycles
Section 1250. Traffic laws apply to persons operating motorcycle.
Section 1251. Riding on motorcycles.
Section 1252. Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic.
Section 1253. Clinging to other vehicles.
Article 9 Equipment of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Section 381. Motorcycle equipment.
Article 15 Registration of motorcycles
Section 410-a. Motorcycle Safety Program


Motorcycles, Mopeds & ATVs Program Overview