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Bike riding and skating along the side of the road is dangerous. Many cities and towns provide bike trails and areas for in-line skating. Besides your yard, these are the safest areas for you to bicycle and skate since there are no vehicles allowed there.

When you ride your bicycle or in-line skate on New York State roads, you are required to follow the same laws as motor vehicle drivers. There are also laws that are just for bicyclists and in-line skaters.

Bike and Wheel Sport Safety



All people between the ages of one and 14 are required to wear a certified bicycle helmet when bicycling, in-line skating (roller blades), operating a non-motorized scooter or skateboarding in New York State.  But a helmet will not protect you if it doesn't fit properly or is not used correctly:

Children under the age of one are not allowed to ride as passengers on bicycles.


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Ask your parents if you can personalize your helmet with stickers, decals or other available decorations.


Dress for Safe Bicycling and In-Line Skating

During the day, wear light colored or bright colored clothing so you can be seen.

At night, you should wear light colored and reflective clothing.

Bicycle Equipment for Night Riding

If you ride your bicycle at night, the law requires:

Also all bicycles are required to have a bell or sound device but NOT a siren or whistle.

Equipment for Safe In-Line Skating

Our partners at the New York State Department of Health have told us that many injuries in-line skaters get are preventable. If you are under the age of 14, you must wear a helmet. Other equipment which can protect you in an in-line skating fall:

If you will be riding your bike or in-line skating by the side of a road, you will need to know what these traffic signs and signals mean.


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