SafeNY   Ticket and Crash Data and Reports

County Data Reports

New York State traffic safety data and statistical summaries of traffic crashes, traffic tickets, and conviction rates for New York counties are published annually in the County Data Reports.

New York State Motor Vehicle Crash Data by County

Statewide Motor Vehicle Crash Data Summaries are published at the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

Selected County Front Seat Restraint Use Reports 2011 - 2013

Evaluation Reports

New York State Motor Vehicle Accident and Violation Facts Sheets on Young Drivers for 2009

The Bureau of Injury Prevention at the New York State Department of Health has created statewide and county-level fact sheets and data tables for traffic crashes in New York. These tables use crash reports linked to hospitalization and emergency department visits to provide medical and financial outcomes of motor vehicle crashes and allow local traffic safety and public health professionals to identify traffic injury problems within their counties and be able to compare their counties to other counties, and NYS as a whole. This information is available at external link

Seat Belt Use in New York CODES Crash Data for 2012 (PowerPoint)
Seat Belt Use in New York CODES Crash Data for 2011 (pdf)

New York State Seat Belt Usage Rates 1984 - 2014

2014 NY Observational Survey for Seat Belt Use
2014 Part B Data Sheet

GTSC Annual Reports

New York State 2014 Highway Safety Annual Report

GTSC Highway Safety Strategic Plan 2016

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