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School Bus Safety

Back to School


It's "Back to School" time.  School buses are back on the roads, and students are walking along the side of the road and waiting for buses.

applePlease watch carefully for children near school buildings, in areas where school buses are traveling or where there are signs for school zones or bus stops.

appleRemember that if you are approaching a school bus from either the front or behind, and it's yellow lights are flashing, the bus is preparing to stop.

appleIf the buses red lights are flashing, YOU MUST STOPIt's the law!

This includes school buses that are:

  • on the opposite sides of divided highways,
  • on multiple lane roadways,
  • in parking lots,
  • on school grounds.

NOTE: The only exception to this law is if the bus driver or a police officer signals that you may pass the bus.


By Conviction Minimum Fine Maximum Fine Possible Imprisonment
First Conviction $250.00 $400.00 Up to 30 days
Second Conviction
(within 3 years)
$600.00 $750.00 Up to 180 days
Third or Subsequent Convictions
(within 3 years)
$750.00 $1,000.00 Up to 180 days


According to New York State law, any child under 4 years of age, must be in a federally approved child safety seat, even if the child is riding in a school bus.


For more Back to School safety tips for motorists, parents and children please see:


apple  National School Bus Safety Week is October 21 - 25, 2019  apple facing left