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Guest Speakers - Want to host an event at your school? GTSC may be able to provide a presenter that will add reality to your assembly.

  • Jacy Good (pdf) - Speaking about her parents deaths in a distracted driving crash
  • Marianne Angelillo (pdf) - Speaking about her son's death in a high speed crash
  • Karen Torres (pdf) - Speaking about her father's death when he was struck and killed by a distracted driver while working along the highway.

You may request a speaker by using the Contact Us Form.

Other Event Resources

Coaches Care - Ford Driving Skills for Life

Possible Coaches Care Activity
Battle of the Belts (pdf)
Battle of the Belts demonstration at YouTube

  • student in crash simulator, promotes seatbelt useRollover & Convincer - Want to promote seatbelt use? The Rollover unit and Convincer provide hands-on and visual aids to depict the importance of buckling-up.
  • Fatal Vision Goggles - Use these tools to demonstrate the dangers of impairment at different Blood Alcohol Content levels.
  • Commercial Vehicles "No-Zone Activity" - The "No-Zone" represents the danger areas around trucks and buses where crashes are more likely to occur.
  • One Second Everything Changes - A pictorial static display that shares the life story of several young drivers that have perished in fatal crashes.

You may request any of these event resources by using the Contact Us Form.

STOP-DWI Traveling Exhibits

STOP-DWI Traveling Exhibits are available for display. View the various displays and their availability at Traveling Exhibits. These exhibits may be requested through your county STOP-DWI Coordinator.

Speaker Testimonials

Testimonial about a speech given by Jacy Good

"My daughter saw you today at Canton Central School and was so saddened by your story. She came home and showed me your interview with Oprah and a few other videos. We have decided to put our phones in the backseat until we get to our destination! Thank you so much for being an inspiration to young children that are not driving yet, young drivers, and drivers like myself who have checked their phones for no good reason at all! Thanks again - hugs and prayers for you and your family!!"

— Love, Katie (Mom of a 14 year old)

Testimonial about a speech given by Marianne Angelillo

"I can honestly say that the talk you gave us was one of the most touching, difficult to hear, yet beautiful things that I have ever experienced,"

— Fayetteville Manlius student

Testimonial about a speech given by Marianne Angelillo

"I just wanted to thank you for sharing your touching story with my co-workers and our students. I am sure that choosing to speak about the horrific devastation your family has faced was not the easiest choice to make but I just want to tell you it was an amazing one. Our kids today in classes were talking about how much they liked your presentation. A fellow coach of mine who was also in the audience went through the same exact experience when her brother was also killed by a drunk driver so it especially hit home for her. She too was also very thankful that you came and talked to our students about the importance of safe driving. So as a mom I want to thank you as well because my 2? year old daughter is my whole world. I hope that you continue enjoying sharing your story and touch as many lives as possible."

— Dolgeville Faculty Member

Testimonial about a speech given by Karen Torres at BRiDGES Prevention/Education in Oneida, NY

"Several times I witnessed Karen talk to students at different schools in our county. Each time, she connected with them through her warmth and humor, telling her story and sharing her heart and heartache. Through the use of a well organized talk and effective images in a power point, she keeps students engaged. At the end of her talk, often students would go up and share their stories with her. Afterward, I often heard feedback that adults and students were impacted by her message and changed their cell phone use and driving habits based on what they heard. She is an energetic and effective speaker, well worth your time!"